Hi, I'm Alex Howlett,

a certified spiritual life coach and yoga instructor (RYT 200). My journey into the world of holistic healing began several years ago when I hit my all-time low.

In 2011, everything I thought I knew about my life suddenly came crashing down around me. When I realized that somebody close to me was sexually abusing young children, I had the biggest and scariest "Aha!" moment of my life. I finally (age 20 at this point) made the connection that I had been sexually abused as a young child and had been repressing the memories for years.

What I found out about my past triggered horrible post traumatic stress disorder. Panic attacks, flash backs and nightmares of the abuse became a normal part of my daily life, and I was suicidal. No longer did I know whom to trust or what in my life was real. I started to over analyze every aspect of my life. I could no longer differentiate which parts of my identity were truly me and what was just an after-effect of the abuse.  I had no idea who I was.

The anxiety, chronic depression and PTSD lasted for several years.  I was silently struggling, because I was ashamed and afraid to tell people what I was going through. I could no longer be intimate without flashbacks or complete dissociation.

A combination of yoga, meditation, and an ongoing journey of self discovery through books, courses and hours of devouring speeches, training programs and podcasts by my favorite mentors and teachers helped me put the pieces of my life back together. I began to regain my confidence and finally love myself like I never had before, let go of shame about my past, and build a stronger relationship with my now husband that is full of honest communication and raw truth. Because of my own success in healing, I knew I wanted to help others do the same.

I believe we all have the ability to heal. You may have gone through something traumatic, and maybe you feel like you'll never be whole again. But you are not broken. None of us are. We experience pain for a while, sometimes for many years, but with the right tools, we can learn how to become the best versions of ourselves and experience true pleasure and happiness.

I'm here to help you let go of fear and shame, love your body, express your truest self and connect more deeply with others.

Thanks for stopping by.



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