How to Clear Abundance Blocks and Achieve Your Goals

Are abundance blocks stopping you from living your best life?

Most of us want abundance in all areas of life and consider success as happiness, health and wealth. My ideal life would consist of freedom to spend time with family and friends, work from anywhere,travel and explore, live debt free, and purchase a small lakeside cabin.

For many of us, our actual experiences in one or more areas of life aren’t aligned with what we want to experience. Unfortunately, desire, knowledge, and hard work aren’t always enough to get the results we so desperately want. If you’re a personal development junkie, you might wonder why all of the daily visualizations and affirmations you’ve been practicing haven’t led you to your ideal life. When it seems like you have everything in place for success, but you’re not achieving your goals, there are more than likely some abundance blocks, or subconscious beliefs creating lack, that are holding you back.

Now let’s talk about what exactly abundance blocks are and where they’re coming from…

Abundance blocks are negative subconscious beliefs we hold about a certain concept, and they’re ingrained into our minds since childhood. For example, say Steve grew up with parents whose relationship was dysfunctional. They were constantly fighting about everything, and they eventually divorced. Now Steve has relationship troubles as an adult. He knows that happy relationships are possible, but no matter how hard he tries to be a good partner, his relationships always end badly after a couple months. Because he grew up hearing his parents constantly complaining about each other and making negative statements about love and relationships, those are the beliefs that are rooted in his own subconscious mind. These subconscious beliefs are “blocking” him from a lasting relationship and will do so until he clears them.

As another example, let’s say Sara grew up in a home where money was tight. Her parents held a lot of debt and were always struggling to pay the bills. Sara heard things throughout her childhood like “money doesn’t grow on trees,” “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer,” and all the worries her parents had about there never being enough. These ideas became abundance blocks for Sara. Now, in her adult life she finds herself falling into the same patterns as her parents, and she can’t seem to escape debt no matter how hard she works.

Identifying and clearing your abundance blocks:

Abundance blocks, or limiting beliefs, become self-fulfilling prophecies due to how you act or don’t act according to your beliefs. The catch to clearing your abundance blocks is that you have to be able to identify them first. The reason you might be trying everything that should be working, but not seeing positive results, is likely because you have an abundance block you haven’t yet identified.  Here are three steps to identifying and clearing abundance blocks:

Step 1:

Identify your blocks. Choose an area of life you want to improve, such as: relationships, career, financial success, weight loss, or adventure. Choose one at a time to avoid losing focus. Write out your current experiences in this area of life, both positive and negative.

Now think back to your childhood and write about what your parents/guardians experienced in this category. Notice if there is any connection between your childhood or other times throughout your past and what you are experiencing now. Also take note of any feelings you hold in this area, for example:

  • Blame (the economy is bad, other people are screwing me over),
  • Unworthiness (I don’t deserve to be successful/happy. I’m not smart enough, not creative enough, etc.),
  • Scarcity (there’s not enough ____ to go around: money, nice men/women, jobs in this field)
  • Doubt (I don’t believe I can ever truly have what I want).

Write them all down.

Step 2:

Get clear on your desires in the area of life you chose. Write down what you want to experience in detail. (Example: I will start a new job in my field by ________ date, in ________ location, doing __________ tasks, where I will make no less than _________ per year.) Now compare your desires with your list of beliefs from Step 1. Are they working in harmony, or can you see now that there are certain subconscious beliefs that have been holding you back?

Step 3:

Reprogram your mind and reframe those negative beliefs. Now that you have identified both what you desire and what’s holding you back, start working on replacing those negative beliefs with positive ones. Read through your list of blocks, and challenge each one by asking yourself if it’s true – is it just a thought, or is it a fact?

Example: “I will never be able to earn more than $30,000 (or insert whatever amount) a year,” is just a thought. A fact would be, “I won’t make my desired salary if I stay at my current job.”

Come up with empowering alternatives to your blocks until you no longer believe the limiting ideas. When you no longer believe something, then it can no longer hold you back.

Example: A block, or idea that is creating lack, could be: “I suck at dating. I sabotage every relationship within the first few months, so it’s pointless to keep trying.” A more empowering idea would be, “I realize that my low self esteem has been hurting my relationships. I am willing to love and accept myself completely, and I know that I am worthy of love.”

Step 4:

Take action towards your goals, and remember that repetition is key. It takes time to change beliefs that you’ve been holding onto for years. Repeat your new, empowering beliefs daily, and practice taking action that backs those beliefs up. With new beliefs comes new actions, and you need to keep reminding yourself of the positive intentions behind your new actions.

I recommend reading the book The Abundance Code: How to Bust the 7 Money Myths for a Rich Life Now by Julie Ann Cairns if money is an area in life that you would like to work on. Something else that can be very helpful in clearing abundance blocks/limiting beliefs is EFT tapping. Many people experience great success with changing their thought patterns by using EFT, so it’s definitely worth a try.

I hope this step-by-step guide has helped you on your quest to identifying and clearing your abundance blocks to create a life you love!


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